Executive Board

Co-Chairmen – Auli Batts and Susan Ryan

Vice Chairman – Ric Ripley

Secretary – Susan Anderson

Treasurer – Tobey Sullivan

Parliamentarian – Stephen Murphy

Affirmative Action and Outreach Officer/Webmaster – Michael D’Ortenzio Jr.


Ex Officiis Members

Voting ex officiis members by virtue of service on the Democratic State Committee.

Robert Crane II

Michael D’Ortenzio Jr.

Emily Moss

Bob Smith


Elected Members

These members are elected for four-year terms during the quadrennial Presidential Preference Primary. The most recent election was held on March 1, 2016.

Zach Agush

Carol Lynn Almeda-Morrow

Susan Anderson

Joe Avellone

Sandy Avellone

Auli Batts

Amy Benjamin

Sheila Boyle

Diane Campbell

Paul Criswell

Michael D’Ortenzio Jr.

Mary Dalton

Maria Davis

Maureen Febiger

Kelly Friendly

Judy Gertler

Ellen Gibbs

Alexander Golob

Jeffrey Hoffman

Lorraine Horn

Jim Klocke

Pam Kubbins

Jack Morgan

Gerald Murphy

Stephen Murphy

Representative Alice Hanlon Peisch

Ric Ripley

Susan Ryan

Vicki Schauffler

Roger Singh

Joan Sullivan

John Sullivan

Mary (Tobey) Sullivan

Joellen Toussaint


Associate Members

Other interested Democrats elected by the Committee to assist in its work.

Bonni DiMatteo

Katie Griffith

Janet King

Suzy Littlefield