Wellesley Selects Delegates to 2016 Convention

Wellesley Selects Delegates to 2016 Convention

Wellesley Democrats elected delegates and alternates to the 2016 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention on April 2nd. The Convention will be held on June 4, 2016 at the Tsongas Center in Lowell.


Ex officiis

Michael D’Ortenzio – Democratic State Committee

Alice Peisch – State Representative

Susan Ryan – Co-Chairman

Elected (Male)

Includes seven men and seven women plus one of either gender.

Zach Agush

Jeffrey Hoffman

Jack Morgan

Stephen Murphy

Douglas Owen

Ric Ripley

Roger Singh

John Sullivan

Elected (Female)

Susan Anderson

Mary Dalton

Maria Davis

Lorraine Horn

Carol Morrow

Joan Sullivan

Tobey Sullivan


Includes two men and two women.

Elected (Male)

We have two openings for this role. Please contact us if interested!

Elected (Female)

Judy Gertler

Joellen Toussaint


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