Joe Kennedy Comes to Wellesley

Joe Kennedy Comes to Wellesley

On Saturday, April 16, Congressman Joe Kennedy III joined members of the WDTC at Roche Bros. to gather signatures for the primary ballot in September. 2,000 certified signatures are required to be turned into local clerks by May 3rd. The WDTC was excited to be able to help the Congressman collect some of those signatures. See below for photos from the morning. Thank you to Doug Owen for taking them.

Kennedy 2016 - Team

The team from the WDTC (L to R): Judy Gertler, Rep. Alice Peisch, Co-Chairman Auli Batts, Rep. Kennedy, Zach Agush, and Secretary Susan Anderson.

Kennedy 2016 - Joe and Alice

Joe and Alice talking.

Kennedy 2016 - Joe

Joe laughing with a constituent.

Kennedy 2016 - Alice

Judy (L) and Alice gathering signatures.

Kennedy 2016 - Zach

Zach on the lookout for signatures.

Kennedy 2016 - Auli

Auli brings the coffee for an early-morning start.

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